PhD student positions in optical imaging

Several PhD student positions in the Drexler Lab are available now at the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. The funding period is 3 years with possible extensions.

The project is funded by the European Union. The goal is to develop multi-modal optical imaging endoscopes consisting of optical coherence tomography and photoacoustic tomography. Translational applications will also be explored in preclinical and clinical settings using the endoscopes. To achieve the goal, we need applicants who have experiences in optics, electronics as well as mechanics. The applicants should also be comfortable working with animals and patients.

The Drexler Lab, led by Prof. Drexler, is a leading participant in the field of optical coherence tomography and multimodal optical imaging. The three strongholds of the Drexler Lab are optical coherence tomography, photoacoustic tomography and non-linear optical imaging. With extensive internal and external collaborations, the lab has easy access to various facilities such as 3D prototyping workshop, mechanical workshop and clean room. Located inside one of the largest hospitals in Europe, the Drexler lab has well established collaborations with several clinical departments for patient imaging as well.

There are 25 days' paid holidays a year. In addition, there are about 11 days extra holidays if your office and lab are without natural daylight. Student stipend is remunerated according to European Union regulation. If not a European Union citizen, you will get a researcher residence permit for the first couple years and then it may be upgraded to immigrating residence permit red-white-red plus. It is possible for your spouse (in case she/he is also a non-European citizen) to get a family reunion residence permit in Austria.

For PhD students to graduate from the Drexler Lab, it is normally required to have at least two first author papers in leading journals.


Selection process

How to apply:
Interested applicants can send his/her resume to Prof.Drexler at This enrollment is on a rolling basis so this ad is valid until all positions are filled.

More information can be found in the Drexler Lab webpage:

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Offer Requirements

Engineering: Master Degree or equivalent

ENGLISH: Excellent


- A Master of Science degree or equivalent
- College level knowledge in electronics, optics, signal processing, circuits and mechanical design
- Smooth communication in English
- Has no problem handling small animals and patients
- Programming skills for optical design, instrument control and automation (preferred but not required)

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