PhD Candidate: Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty

The Chair Group of Finance at Radboud University’s Nijmegen School of Management is currently seeking applicants for a 4-year PhD position.

The position comprises research in the area of decision making under risk and uncertainty, particularly preference incompleteness and indecisiveness and their implications. In the first three years you will have a small teaching load. In the fourth year of the research project you will have the opportunity to work with Prof. Songfa Zong at the National University of Singapore.

The Chair Group of Finance at the Department of Economics consists of several professors and PhD candidates who mainly conduct research in behavioural/experimental economics and decision making.
The Department and Chair regularly hold research seminars and meetings on relevant topics, and they are very well connected to the field of behavioural/experimental economics worldwide.


  • a Master’s degree in economics, business administration, finance, psychology, mathematics, econometrics or a related field;
  • a good knowledge of and/or strong interest in the research areas of behavioural/experimental economics and decision making under risk and uncertainty;
  • excellent English writing, speaking, and reading skills;
  • strong motivation and commitment to complete a PhD successfully;
  • programming skills are beneficial.


  • employment: 0.8 - 1.0 FTE
  • the gross starting salary amounts to €2,325 per month, and will increase to €2,835 in the third year (P scale)
  • in addition to the salary: an 8% holiday allowance and an 8.3% end-of-year bonus
  • term of contract: you will be appointed for an initial period of 18 months, after which your performance will be evaluated. If the evaluation is positive, the contract will be extended by 1.5 years (3 year contract). The fourth year of the PhD trajectory you will be appointed in Singapore. The working conditions (e.g. salary) in Singapore will then apply. You will receive generous research support (e.g. funding for research projects, travel budget). There will be no teaching load in the fourth year, so that you can entirely focus on finishing your PhD and getting your papers accepted
  • University job-profile: PhD Candidate
  • Radboud University offers a dynamic position in an attractive work environment and has excellent conditions of employment, including an attractive retirement scheme and (partly paid) maternity leave
  • under special circumstances, applicants from abroad moving to the Netherlands may qualify for a special tax relief, by which 30% of their salary is tax free
  • you will be able to make use of our Dual Career Service where our Dual Career Officer will assist with family related support, such as child care, and help your partner prepare for the local labour market and with finding an occupation

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Nijmegen School of Management

The Nijmegen School of Management (NSM) is an academic centre of research and higher education, focusing on institutional and managerial issues within complex organisations in both the public and private domains. There are seven disciplines within the NSM: Business Administration, Public Administration, Political Science, Economics and Business Economics, Social and Political Sciences of the Environment, Human Geography, and Spatial Planning. The NSM strives for a multidisciplinary approach where possible. Altogether, the NSM employs 265 FTEs, 75% of whom are academics.

Both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes are offered in the seven focus areas, which are organised in the NSM’s educational institute. The educational programme is characterised by small-scale teaching and provides a stimulating learning environment with an emphasis on the development of academic skills. The NSM currently has approximately 4,500 students. The NSM’s research activities fall under the responsibility of the interdisciplinary Institute for Management Research (IMR). Under the motto ‘Creating knowledge for society’, the IMR focuses on academic research into the development, design and effectiveness of the public and private structures that regulate, govern or manage human interactions.

The vacancy is within the Chair Group of Finance. The Department of Economics and Business Economics has three additional Chairs: Economic Theory and Policy, International Economics, and Finance. The department is responsible for the development and quality of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Economics, as well as for the courses in Economics in the other educational programmes of the Nijmegen School of Management. What sets the Nijmegen curriculum in Economics apart is that it is characterised by a multidisciplinary approach whereby inspiration is sought from other fields as well.

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