Three Postdoctoral Researcher positions to investigate the effects of changing winters on aquatic systems

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We are inviting applications for

three Postdoctoral Researcher positions to investigate the effects of changing winters on aquatic systems

Our interdisciplinary research team focuses on the effect of climate change on the future hydrology and land-derived material flows, their biological impacts on aquatic ecosystems particularly through winter-time processes and the eventual needs to adapt regulation and governance in order to cope with climate change. This research team aims to recruit three postdoctoral researchers to three different departments to work collaboratively with each other and with the teams researchers. The main research areas and their PIs include aquatic ecology and evolution ( Profs Raine Kortet & Anssi Vainikka), aquatic ecosystem ecology ( Dr Paula Kankaala), aquatic mammalian conservation ( Dr Mervi Kunnasranta and Dr Marja Niemi), geoinformatics and hydrogeography ( Dr Eliisa Lotsari), water law ( Prof. Niko Soininen) and experts on land-water interactions and wetland ecology ( Prof. Frank Berninger and Senior Researcher Teemu Tahvanainen). The research team involves the Faculty of Science and Forestry and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, and it employs empirical biological research tools as well as geospatial/numerical modelling and analysis of adaptive law. The team is particularly strong in methodologies related to animal behaviour, fatty acid analyses, GIS-based analyses, remote sensing, geospatial/numerical modelling, analyses on carbon-flows and analysis of science vs. regulation questions. The GIS and modelling software, and the field equipment, such as for hydrological, biological, chemical, and topographical measurements and remote sensing, are provided by the departments of the supervisors. The research team is inviting applications for the following positions:

1) Postdoctoral Researcher position at the Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Joensuu Campus

The Postdoctoral Researcher, specialized in modelling approaches, will work 1) to determine the recent and near future changes in seasonal hydrology (incl. water resources, runoff/flood events during frozen and ice-free seasons) at different watersheds, and 2) to investigate their impacts, especially due to altered winter conditions, on the spatial and temporal changes in source areas and 3) in quantities of solid and dissolved (incl. organic carbon) material transport within watersheds and via rivers. The results, which are important for the future of ecosystems, will be usable for the other two postdoctoral researchers of this research team. The work is based on GIS analyses, numerical modelling of flow and material transport, and field measurements. In addition to open-access datasets, the collected pilot data and collaborative projects of supervisors support the research. The position is suitable for candidates with a background in physical/hydro-geography, geoinformatics and river/watershed modelling.

2) Postdoctoral Researcher position at the Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Joensuu Campus

The Postdoctoral Researcher will investigate how changing winter conditions affect the productivity of aquatic ecosystems. Structural and quantitative alterations will occur through changes in physical and chemical characteristics of waters, and their biological impacts on animal behaviour, ecosystem functioning and life-history -mediated shifts in population productivities. The candidate can focus on any of the mechanisms according to her/his interest, and the main weight is on scientific novelty and impact of the actual research. The research focus should relate to increasing environmental pressure on boreal lakes, as predicted by the modeler (see above). The position is suitable for competitive candidates with a background in limnology, ecosystem ecology, population or ecosystem modelling, molecular ecology or animal behaviour, and capacity to collaborate with the other postdoctoral researchers in the team.

3) Postdoctoral Researcher position at the Department of Law or at the Department of Historical and Geographical Studies, Joensuu Campus

The Postdoctoral Researcher will specialize in adaptive governance of freshwaters. As climate change drives changing hydrological conditions and ecosystem change, research is needed to establish the key changes needed in current legal and governance arrangements (e.g. under the EU Water Framework Directive). A successful candidate has an inter- and transdisciplinary focus allowing fluid movement between the natural/social science divide and between policy/legal decision making. The candidate is expected to work closely with the other postdoctoral researchers in the group. The position is suitable for competitive candidates with a background in environmental law, environmental policy, environmental social sciences, or in a related field.

A person to be appointed as a postdoctoral researcher is required to hold an applicable doctoral degree (UEF University Regulations, Section 31) that has to be completed by 5 June 2020. However, the doctoral degree may not be from more than 5 years ago at the time when the position starts, at the earliest from 1 August 2020. An applicant with a doctoral degree completed more than 5 years ago can be considered for a specific reason only (maternity, paternity, parental or childcare leave, military or non-military service). If the applicant pleads to the above-mentioned reasons, he or she needs to explain them in the application.

Good command of the English language is required.

The position will be filled for a fixed term of two years at the earliest from 1 August 2020. Postdoctoral researcher positions are always filled for a fixed term (UEF University Regulations, Section 31).

The salary of the Postdoctoral Researcher position is based on level 5 of the job requirement level chart of the teaching and research staff in the salary system for Finnish universities (2,967.84 /month). In addition to the job requirement component, the salary is supplemented by a personal performance component, which can be a maximum of 50 % of the job requirement component.

A probationary period will be applied to new members of the university staff.

The electronic application is required to contain the following appendices:

The application shall be submitted no later than 5 June 2020 (by 24.00 hours Finnish time) by using the electronic application form.

Please click on the "apply for the job" to submit your application.

The evaluation criteria for the applicants are the following:

Only applications that are complete and submitted before the application deadline via the e-application system will be considered.


Further information to find out teams, research groups and contact persons:

Water research programme coordinator Helena Jäntti: helena.jantti[a] , +358 29 445 3850

Water research programme coordinator Jarno Suni: jarno.suni[a] , +358 29 445 5291


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